01, 2021

How Continuous Insulation Helps You Keep up With the Energy Codes

By | Jan 07, 2021

Adding Continuous Insulation, such as Halo’s Exterra, to your wall assembly can simplify your path to code compliance. Apart from helping you keep up with the evolving energy code regulations, designing walls with CI like Exterra can also lessen the load on your conditioning systems and save valuable resources.

12, 2020

XPS HFC Bans Won’t Matter When You Use Halo

By | Dec 01, 2020

The entire US is on track to re-join the Paris Agreement and gradually ban HFCs. XPS is not the only high-performance product on the market, and with high, long-lasting R-values and a 0-HFC content, Halo’s GPS is already a better, cleaner alternative.

10, 2020

Can I Leave Foam Board Insulation Exposed on Walls?

By | Oct 13, 2020

Do you worry about exposing foam board insulation to the outdoors? Or leaving it uncovered inside a home?

Read more to explore the perils of exterior and interior exposure, and how 3 common rigid insulation products perform in this regard.

07, 2020

How Halo Helps You Build Healthy, Comfortable Homes

By | Jul 30, 2020

Learn how Halo helps optimize a home’s envelope through proper moisture control, airtightness, an effective barrier to radon, and low-VOC building materials. This Advanced Graphite Insulation System is a spectacular product for building healthy, comfortable environments.