Maximizing Building Efficiency with Halo Exterra Continuous Exterior Insulation


In the construction industry, embracing innovative techniques like Halo Exterra is key for efficiency. This leading insulation product is known for its effective application as a “continuous exterior insulation” layer, providing exceptional energy efficiency for high-performance homes and buildings. Matt Risinger, a respected figure in construction, has highlighted its significance in a recently released video clip.

The Evolution of Insulation

The industry is moving from interior to exterior insulation. Risinger compares this shift to wearing a parka: “if you were cold… you’re going to insulate the entire outside of your body.” He emphasizes the effectiveness of continuous exterior insulation in providing an unbroken insulative layer.

Risinger compares the shift to interior to exterior insulation like wearing a parka.

Adherence to Energy Codes

The 2021 energy codes are stringent, especially in North America. Risinger notes the necessity of this insulation type in certain climates: “anybody who’s in climate zone four or above has to use exterior insulation.” Halo Exterra plays a vital role in meeting these standards.

Mitigating Condensation and Moisture Risks

Continuous exterior insulation, as per Risinger, mitigates condensation risks common in colder climates: “you got condensation that was cold enough to actually become frost.” Halo Exterra helps keep exterior sheathing warm, reducing condensation and moisture problems.

Future-Proofing Buildings

Incorporating this insulation into buildings addresses current standards and prepares for future code changes. Risinger mentions, “95% of contractor-friend’s clients were like, absolutely, I would definitely pay that to be future-proofed.”

Installation Versatility

Halo Exterra provides versatile installation options for various projects and climates. Its flexible application makes it suitable for a wide range of construction projects.

Halo Exterra provides insulation on this new home
Halo Exterra provides insulation on this new home

The Advantages of Halo Exterra

Risinger highlights its benefits: “it has a higher R value… and it’s not going to drift or change its R value.” This reliability is crucial for builders seeking consistent performance.

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Impact on the Construction Industry

The application of Halo Exterra in continuous exterior insulation impacts the industry, elevating standard practices and ensuring energy-efficient, resilient structures.

Wrapping Up

For builders committed to quality and future-readiness, Halo Exterra presents an unrivaled solution. Its approach aligns with industry demands, offering a robust and versatile method for insulating buildings.

Click here to watch the full video by Matt Risinger.

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