The Foam Board Insulation That Does It All – Halo® Exterra®

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Introducing Halo® Exterra® — the foam board insulation that’s perfectly designed for exterior wall applications.

Halo® Exterra® product picture and Halo® Exterra installed on exterior of home at a job site

Halo® Exterra® does everything you need (and more!) in a high-performance, exterior foam board insulation:

  • Provides outstanding insulation performance AND eliminates heat loss from thermal bridging.
  • Allows moisture to escape the wall assembly.
  • Keeps wall dry and healthy by keeping rain out.
  • Eliminates the expense of buying and installing any additional house wrap (When sheathing tape is applied to joints and fasteners).

Halo® Exterra® producr graphic displaying different layersHalo® Exterra® does it all because it’s designed with a high-performance, Graphite Polystyrene (GPS) foam core that’s laminated on both sides with a precision-perforated laminate film.

The Genius of Halo® Exterra®’s Graphite Polystyrene Foam Insulation Board Core

Graphite Polystyrene is created by infusing high-purity graphite particles into polystyrene beads to create a dark gray foam board insulation that offers significantly improved energy-efficiency.

The high-purity graphite particles in GPS provide a reflective property that causes the heat to be reflected hundreds of times as it moves through the insulation.

Graphite Polystyrene graphic with bubbleThis significantly slows the transfer of heat, giving GPS an energy-efficiency of R-5 per nominal inch, which is a boost of up to 20% compared to regular expanded polystyrene foam!

Additionally, clean steam is used to make GPS — as opposed to the blowing agents used in the manufacturing process for extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam insulation board products that off-gas over time and reduce its insulation value.

This is how the GPS core in Halo® Exterra® always maintains its original R-value as opposed to the R-value of regular XPS insulation that significantly degrades over time.

The Surround Science of Halo® Exterra®’s Precision-Perforated Laminate

When sheathing tape is applied to the joints and fasteners, laminated Exterra® panels are laboratory-tested to keep water to the exterior and not allow rain and water into the wall cavity. However, the precision of the perforations in the laminate layers still allow moisture vapor from within the wall to leave, keeping the wall cavity dry and healthy. In fact, Halo® Exterra® is permeable by building code in thicknesses up to 2“ (R-10). XPS insulation, on the other hand, is not permeable and will not allow vapor to leave the wall cavity.

Halo® Exterra® installed on exterior of buildings at a job siteAs an added bonus, the laminate makes Exterra® extremely durable yet flexible:  Exterra® resists breakage and, as this project proves, is fast, easy and economical to install.

PolyIso was originally specified for this radius wall application, but the general contractor instead chose flexible Halo® Exterra® to save time and money on the install by avoiding the incredible amount of field cuts that PolyIso would have required.

Halo® Exterra® is perfectly designed for exterior foam board insulation applications and does it all at a very attractive price point. Halo® Exterra® is available in R-3, R-5, R-7.5, R-10 and even higher R-values.

Halo® Exterra® At Work

Halo® Exterra® installed on exterior of commercial building and home at a job site

Halo® Exterra® installed on exterior of two buildings at a job site

Halo® Exterra® is part of the Halo® Advanced Graphite Insulation System.

Halo® Graphite Insulation System

Halo® is available in North America at better building material dealers — contact us at [email protected] to learn where and how to buy Halo® foam board insulation products.

Halo® Exterra® logoLearn more about Halo® Exterra® and the entire Halo® Advanced Graphite Insulation System — visit

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