Frequently Asked Questions |
05, 2022

Does Halo Subterra Protect Against Carpenter Ants?

By | May 20, 2022

3. Install Inspection Strips

Inspection strips allow you to visually inspect the home’s sill plate and rim joist for signs of termites or carpenter ants. This way, you can catch an infestation and call in pest control before excessive damage occurs.

11, 2021

How Long Can Halo Products Be Exposed?

By | Nov 14, 2021

Do you worry about exposing foam board insulation to the outdoors? Or leaving it uncovered inside a home? Read more to explore the perils of exterior and interior exposure, and how you can get the most of your foam board insulation.

10, 2021

Is Halo Exterra Structural?

By | Oct 03, 2021

Halo Exterra is not structural – it does not contribute structural strength to a home or building. However, despite not being structural, Halo Exterra can replace OSB sheathing if structural bracing is provided at the corners and certain sections of the wall to provide the needed resistance to wind and seismic loads.