Frequently Asked Questions |
10, 2021

Is Halo Exterra Structural?

By | Oct 03, 2021

Halo Exterra is not structural – it does not contribute structural strength to a home or building. However, despite not being structural, Halo Exterra can replace OSB sheathing if structural bracing is provided at the corners and certain sections of the wall to provide the needed resistance to wind and seismic loads.

06, 2021

How To Prevent Insect Infiltration With Halo

By | Jun 02, 2021

To help protect against termites in high infestation areas (which are generally concentrated in the South east USA) Halo Subterra and Exterra products are available from our plants in Tennessee, Mississippi and Kansas with foam cores treated with Preventol, which adds an secondary layer of defense against termites.

02, 2021

How To Install Exterra In A Retrofit With Vinyl Siding

By | Feb 22, 2021

If the existing walls do not have a layer of structural sheathing, they may require bracing per local building codes. If corner bracing is used, you will need to take steps to ensure all Exterra panels are flush with those Exterra panels installed at the corners.

12, 2020

What is Graphite Foam Insulation?

By | Dec 22, 2020

Discover how Halo is powered by Graphite Polystyrene (GPS) and the benefits of our Neopor core. GPS provides a long-term thermal performance of R5 per nominal inch (1.06″) while offering a minuscule embodied carbon footprint compared to XPS.