How Long Can Halo Products Be Exposed?

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How Long Can Halo Products Be Exposed?

Prior to construction, care should be taken to keep stored Halo products protected from reflective sunlight or prolonged solar exposure and keep Halo products tarped or covered to protect from weather. Do not use a clear plastic covering film. If possible, store indoors.

Halo Packaging

Precautions taken during the construction process can help minimize the potential for thermal expansion or damage. Removing or covering the surface that is creating the reflection or shielding the affected Halo products will help restore the original dimensions in the event of thermal expansion.

Once installed Halo products should be covered if left exposed for more than 30 days. Faded printing on Halo laminates is normal and will not degrade the Halo properties.

Ensure all butt joints are tightly fitted. Immediately tape seal or temporarily cover all joins of inside corners until tape sealant is applied.

Edges of Subterra product installed on subgrades and adjacent to Exterra should also be immediately covered until the proper sealant methodis applied along the perimeter between Exterra and Subterra.

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