Is Halo Exterra Structural?

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No, Halo Exterra is not structural – it does not contribute structural strength to a home or building.

Halo Exterra is a laminated rigid foam board insulation that provides these important functions:

  • provides r5 per nominal inch (1.06”)
  • is breathable up to 2” thick – and helps the wall cavity to dry to the outside, keeping the wall cavity dry and healthy.
  • acts as the weather-resistive barrier (WRB) When joints and seams are properly taped (Replaces house wrap).
Exterra Product Section

However, despite not being structural, Halo Exterra can replace OSB sheathing if structural bracing is provided at the corners and certain sections of the wall to provide the needed resistance to wind and seismic loads.

This can enable builders to save money especially when lumber prices are high. Read the full article for more information on this cost-effective building method.

About the author:
President, Logix Brands Ltd.