Is Halo Exterra Structural?

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Is Halo Exterra Structural?

No, Halo Exterra does not provide lateral support to the structure. It is non-structural.

Exterra can be placed vertically or horizontally and can be fastened directly to the wood studs in an open stud wall assembly. However, the stud wall assembly must be properly braced as required by building codes or structural specifications.

The vertical joints of Exterra boards should rest fully or halfway on a stud to ensure proper fastening to the stud.

Halo Exterra fastened to the stud

Here is a typical fastening pattern for vertical placement:

Halo Exterra Vertical Placement

Here is a typical fastening pattern for horizontal placement:

Halo Exterra Horizontal Placement

Halo Exterra is currently being tested for wind resistance capacity when applied directly to studs or to OSB. The purpose of this testing is to reassure builders that, despite not being structural, Halo Exterra is able to stay in place and sufficiently resist wind pressure.

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