New Resources for Getting Started With Halo!

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In last year’s “Getting Started” post, we shared some handy tips for building with Halo®’s Exterra, Subterra, and Interra insulation boards. This year, we’re kicking it up a notch with the release of detailed, illustrated install guides for each of the Halo® series. This post will give you a brief recap of what each install guide contains and mention a few other essential training resources.

Halo Exterra

Halo®’s Exterra insulation series is designed specifically for exterior applications. This product excels thanks to its high, stable R-values and perforated laminate, which keeps water out of the wall cavity while letting vapor escape to the outside, all of which helps to keep walls dry and healthy in colder climates.

Halo Exterra on a House
Halo Exterra - Designed for Exterior Applications
Exterra Instruction Manual
Exterra Installation Guide

The newly released Exterra guide covers the following topics:

  • Precautions for storage, handling, and installation
  • Useful tools and materials
  • Product features and sizes
  • Fastening to various wall types
  • Transitions
  • Penetrations
  • Openings
  • Cladding over Exterra
  • Cavity walls
  • Air barrier
  • Inspection and repairs

This installation guide also comes with a set of CAD details that cover several typical transitions. Click here to read or download the guide.

Be sure to listen to the recording of our most recent Halo Exterra webinar or sign up for the next session here!

Halo Subterra & Subterra Plus

Halo® Subterra is a laminated rigid insulation product tailor-made for the rigors of below-grade use.

Subterra Plus features a cross-woven laminate that withstands all sorts of job site traffic and safely directs water away from the waterproofing at foundation walls. Used beneath the slab, Subterra Plus has also been tested to be an effective Radon barrier.

Subterra Installation Manual
Subterra Installation Guide

The Subterra and Subterra Plus installation guide explains all these benefits in-depth, covers storage and handling, and provides full guidance on:

  • Under-slab installation

  • Foundation wall installation

  • Penetrations

  • Inspections and repairs

You can view or download the guide here.

We conduct monthly interactive webcast sessions that examine a range of Subterra installation topics. Check out a sample webcast recording to get an idea of what we cover!

Halo Interra & Interra Plus

Halo® Interra creates a robust, multifunctional layer of interior continuous insulation. It comes with a built-in vapor barrier and a laminate that can reflect heat back inside the home.

Plus, in residential and commercial occupancies of many US jurisdictions, Halo’s Interra Plus can be used without a thermal barrier, such as drywall.

Halo Interra - Interior Applications
Halo Interra - Interior Applications
Interra Installation Guide
Interra Installation Guide

The Interra and Interra Plus installation guide outlines best practices for storing, handling, and installing the panels, as well as:

  • Various applications (roofs, ceilings, walls, and use without a thermal barrier)
  • Attachment to various wall types
  • Sealing joints, penetrations, and openings
  • Inspections and repairs
  • Cladding over Interra panels

The guide also comes with a range of typical details that depict different transitions, and you can download all this handy info here.

Take the time also to check out a recording of our most recent Halo Interra interactive webcast!

Wrapping It Up

We’re committed to equipping you with all the right tools and information before you build with Halo. These installation guides, as well as our interactive webcasts, should help you kick off your next project. If you’re looking for more information, please see our previous post on getting started with Halo

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