How To Install Exterra In A Retrofit With Vinyl Siding

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How To Install Halo® Exterra® In A Retrofit With Vinyl Siding

If the existing walls do not have a layer of structural sheathing, they may require bracing per local building codes.

If corner bracing is used, you will need to take steps to ensure all Halo Exterra® panels are flush with those Exterra panels installed at the corners. (see the Halo® Exterra® Installation Guide)

  • Tightly butt the edges of Exterra Panels together (max 1/32” gap).
  • Fasten Exterra to the studs or the sheathing (as the case may be), per Halo’s fastening recommendations.
  • Seal all joints and fastener penetrations in the layer of Exterra in order to ensure a proper water-resistive barrier is maintained.
  • Vertically install and fasten 1×3 wood strapping (min ¾” thick) over Exterra with a maximum spacing of 16” o/c, aligning the strapping to the framing studs.
  • Attach the vinyl siding to the wood strapping. Follow the installation recommendations of the vinyl siding manufacturer.
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