Ensuring Integrity and Performance: Mastering Flashing Techniques for Halo Wood-Frame Assemblies


Mastering the art of proper flashing around openings is crucial for protecting buildings from water intrusion, which can cause significant damage over time. Today, we’re revisiting and refining our guidance on effective flashing techniques, specifically tailored for wood-frame Halo assemblies, honing in on best practices that promise to elevate the durability and integrity of your construction projects.

Step-by-Step Guide to Proper Flashing

Proper installation of flashing around windows, doors, and other openings is essential to ensure that your structures stand the test of time. Here’s how to approach flashing in Halo wood-frame assemblies:

1. Preparation

Begin by cleaning the surface around the opening. Ensure that it is free from dust, debris, or moisture. A clean surface guarantees better adhesion and effectiveness of the flashing material.

2. Selecting the Right Flashing Material:

Before installation, choose a flashing material that offers durability, flexibility, and resistance to weather elements. (Details on recommended materials will follow below.)

3. Installing the Sill Pan:

Start with the sill pan at the bottom of the opening. Make sure it extends slightly beyond the sides of the opening to allow for optimal water runoff. It’s crucial to ensure that the sill pan slopes outward to prevent water from pooling.

Pan Flashing at the Sill
Flashing at the Jamb

4. Sealing Joints:

Apply a high-quality sealant at the joints where the flashing overlaps. This step is vital to create a continuous barrier that prevents water penetration.

Window Installation
Membrane at the Jamb

5. Sides and Top Flashing:

After the sill pan, apply the side flashings. These should overlap the sill pan to direct water away from the opening. Finally, install the top flashing last to ensure it overlaps the side flashing, thus maintaining the downward path for water.

Header Flashing Above Window
Caulk the Window

6. Inspection and Testing:

Once installation is complete, inspect the assembly to ensure there are no gaps or loose areas. Conduct a water test if possible to check the effectiveness of the flashing.

Recommendations for Flashing Materials

To assist you in selecting the most appropriate materials for flashing, here’s a comprehensive list of recommended and approved products that work well with Halo systems:

For Sealing Joints, Penetrations, & Perimeter Edges:

  • Contractor Pro Grade Sheathing Tape by Perma “R” Products
  • Henry Sheathing and Commercial Tape
  • Blueskin Butyl Flash
  • Tyvek Tape
  • Dorken Delta(R) Multi-Band
  • FastFlash by Prosoco
  • Conexo by Partel
  • Wigluv by Siga
  • Tescon Vana by Pro Clima
  • 3M 3015
  • XL-Flash by Pecora
  • Zip system liquid flash by Huber
  • Equivalent as approved by Logix Brands technical department

Flashing Materials:

  • PermaTAK by Perma “R” Products
  • ProTAK by Perma “R” Products
  • Extoseal Encors by Pro Clima
  • Dorken Delta(R)-Flashing
  • Dorken Delta(R)-LFS
  • Henry FortiFlash(R)
  • Henry Air-Bloc LF(R) Liquid Applied Flashing
  • Henryoistop neXT(R)
  • Henry Blueskin(R) Butyl Flash
  • XL-Flash by Pecora
  • Zip system liquid flash by Huber
  • FastFlash by Prosoco
  • 3M(TM) Ultra Conformable Flashing Tape 3015UC
  • Great Stuff(TM) Insulating Foams
  • Equivalent as approved by Logix Brands technical department


Wrapping It Up

With these steps and materials, you can confidently install flashing in Halo wood-frame assemblies, ensuring long-term protection against the elements. Remember, the goal is not just to install but to ensure that every layer works harmoniously to shield the building envelope.

Stay tuned to our blog for more tips and techniques to keep your building projects on the cutting edge. Your next build deserves the best, and with Halo, that’s exactly what you’ll deliver.

Interested in learning more about Halo products and construction solutions? Peruse the full Halo website or contact our team for personalized advice and assistance.

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