Introducing Halo – The Advanced Graphite Insulation System

From below-grade to above-grade, inside and out, Halo is the insulating system designed perfectly for specific applications. Halo’s high-performance graphite polystyrene (GPS) core is enhanced by a series of ingenious laminate surfaces, each customized to it’s specific usage application, for an advanced rigid insulation system that even outperforms more expensive XPS insulation.


An innovation in insulation. Right to the very core.

Halo is powered by Graphite Polystyrene (GPS), the new standard in thermal insulation. Thanks to millions of graphite infrared absorbers and heat reflectors that reduce thermal conductivity, GPS provides a long-term thermal performance of R5 per nominal inch*.

The Genious Of Surround Science.

Halo® Exterra®

Perfectly Designed for Exterior Applications
  • Halo® GPS (graphite polystyrene) delivers a long-term R-5 per nominal inch*
  • Breathable — walls stay dry and healthy
  • Built-in weather barrier**
*Thermal performance claim based on thickness of 1 1/16”. **When taped.
Breathable And A Weather Barrier

Halo® Interra®

Perfectly Designed for Interior Applications
  • Halo® GPS (graphite polystyrene) delivers a long-term R-5 per nominal inch*
  • Built-in vapor barrier**
  • Reflective laminate reflects heat back into the home or building***
interra-pic *Thermal performance claim based on thickness of 1 1/16”. **When taped. ***When an appropriate air space is provided.  
Reflective And A Vapor Barrier

Halo® Subterra®

Perfectly Designed for Below-Ground Applications
  • Halo® GPS (graphite polystyrene) delivers a long-term R-5 per nominal inch*
  • Jobsite tough — able to withstand severe foot and equipment traffic without breaking
  • Built-in water-resistant barrier**
subterra pic *Thermal performance claim based on thickness of 1 1/16". **When taped.
Incredibly Strong And Tough

The Advanced Graphite Insulation System

Image Description
Image Description Interra
Interra Roof Interra
Interra Interra
Exterra Exterra
Exterra above Exterra
Interra Ceiling Interra
Interra Ceiling Interra
Subterra bsmt Subterra
Subterra slab Subterra
Interra bsmt wall Interra
Interra Interra

Featuring Our Industry-Leading “Zero Thermal Drift” Guarantee:

The use of air as an insulating gas allows graphite polystyrene (GPS) to maintain its outstanding R-value performance over time and contributes to sustainable building practices. The air, graphite and polymer matrix in GPS are all stable and no fluorocarbons are used to make, or are contained within, GPS. Thus the R-value of Halo’s GPS core will not deteriorate. GPS has zero thermal drift and zero ozone depletion potential.

Unlike XPS and ISO insulation, with R-values that deteriorate over time, Halo features a unique “closed cell”structure that delivers a permanent R-value.

Zero thermal drift. Zero compromise

  1. GPS (graphite polystyrene) provides R-5 per nominal inch*

  2. GPS provides a permanent long-term R-value and won’t deteriorate over time like XPS and ISO.

  3. GPS delivers greater R-values at lower outside temperatures.

  4. Minimizes the energy loss from thermal bridging

  5. Light yet durable — perfect for today’s demanding jobsites.

  6. Superior indoor air quality due to Greenguard certified Neopor® GPS core.

  7. GPS is 100% recyclable and ozone layer-friendly — no CFCs or HCFCs.

*Thermal performance claim based on thickness of 1 1/16”.

More choice means maximum performance.

Halo Element Board Size1 Standard
Zero Thermal Drift Guaranteed R-value2 Compression
Strength3 psi(KPa)
SUBTERRA 4’ x 8’
1230mm x 2460mm
1.0″, 1.5″, 2.0″
26mm, 38mm, 52mm
R-5 per nominal inch
(based on thickness of 1 1/16″)
16 (110), 30 (210)
EXTERRA 4’ x 8’
1230mm x 2460mm
.625″, 1.0″, 1.5″, 2.0″
13mm, 26mm, 38mm, 52mm
R-5 per nominal inch
(based on thickness of 1 1/16″)
10 (70)
INTERRA 4’ x 8’
1230mm x 2460mm
.625″, 1.0″, 1.5″, 2.0″
13mm, 26mm, 38mm, 52mm
R-5 per nominal inch
(based on thickness of 1 1/16″)
10 (70)
  1. Custom lengths, thicknesses and compressive strengths are available upon request. Please contact your local Halo dealer or Halo representative.
  2. Typically, XPS and ISO insulation products are not guaranteed to maintain their published R-values over time. Halo meets or exceeds most XPS guaranteed R-Values (check the guaranteed R-value with your XPS supplier).
  3. Listed compression values are minimum requirements conforming to ASTM C578, and CAN/ULC S701. Halo Products meet or exceed the requirements of ASTM C578, “Standard Specification for Rigid, Cellular Polystyrene Thermal Insulation”, and CAN/ULC S701, “Expanded Polystyrene Insulation Board and Pipe Covering”

Technical Resources:

Install Guide
Halo Installation Guide
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Useful Tools & Materials
Fasteners and Cladding
Material Properties
Example Details

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