Logix Brands Fireside Chat: Why Sean Chooses to Build with Halo Subterra

This extremely durable and job site friendly insulation board offers a buildable r-value for your below-grade applications. Laminated on both sides, Halo's Subterra® Plus is an easy to use rigid insulation board that contributes to an elegant and simple NZR foundation wall. Want to learn more about Subterra Plus and how it can be used with Logix ICF to create this below-grade Net Zero Ready detail? Visit us here: https://logixicf.com/blog/insight-and-advice/a-look-at-net-zero-ready-below-grade-walls-for-cold-climates/ Be sure to visit Sean and his team at Hollyhock Construction at the links below: https://www.instagram.com/hollyhockconstruction/ https://www.facebook.com/hollyhockconstruction/

Halo® Subterra® Plus is the Top Choice Foam Board Insulation For Builders Like Sean

Builders like Sean from Hollyhock Construction use only the best materials for the homes they build. So naturally, he jumped at the opportunity to tell us why. Sean and his team depend on the high-performance durability of Halo® Subterra® Plus for their below-grade and under-slab projects. Its GPS foam core is paired with an extra-tough cross-woven laminate that is not only job site tough but offers an impressive, long-lasting R-value that can be customized by a variety of thicknesses. Learn more about how Subterra® Plus can help reduce costs on your next project: https://buildwithhalo.com/product-performance-series/how-to-reduce-costs-on-the-job-site-with-subterra-plus/ Big shout out to Sean and his team at Hollyhock Construction. Check out their latest builds at the links below. https://www.instagram.com/hollyhockconstruction/ https://www.facebook.com/hollyhockconstruction/

Which Foam Board is Better? GPS vs XPS

On January 1st, 2021, several jurisdictions in the United States and Canada adopted new regulations that banned the use of blowing agents HFC-134A and HFC-142B and XPS manufacturers companies had to adjust their manufacturing processes products to meet the new standards. Discover the many ways Halo®'s Type 1 GPS core continues to surpass one of these new XPS products. Read the full article here: https://buildwithhalo.com/building-science-and-codes/how-does-the-new-xps-foam-compare-to-halos-type-1-gps/

SPOTLIGHT: Wrapped in Halo Exterra, This Home Is Built on an Energy-Efficient Logix ICF Foundation

Discover Higher Performance in a Logix Brands Home! This home was built on a durable, energy-efficient Logix ICF foundation and is wrapped in Halo Exterra, a breathable and highly effective rigid foam insulation. Built by Ed Krowochuck, the homeowners are thrilled with their comfortable new home! See how a Logix ICF foundation leads to a more comfortable basement: https://logixicf.com/applications/logix-icf-applications-basements Learn how Halo Exterra helps keep your walls dry and healthy while providing exceptional insulation: https://buildwithhalo.com/halo-exterra/

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New Generation Homes Builds Winter-Ready Homes With Halo Exterra Insulation🔥

Partnerships like these build houses like this! 😍 See how New Generation Homes, supported by the talented team at AMC Foam, are showing off their newest show home, insulated with Halo Exterra! "As winter approaches having your home wrapped in Halo Exterra exterior ridged insulation makes the world of a difference. Keeping the cold out and keeping you warm inside." Want to learn more about how Halo Exterra is perfectly designed for exterior applications like this? Visit us here to discover more: https://buildwithhalo.com/building-science-and-codes/the-3-surprising-ways-halo-exterra-adds-thermal-performance-and-reduces-energy-loss/

Why R-value is Important for Foam Board Insulation

R-values are a key metric used to assess insulation products. But what exactly do they measure? And why are they important? Learn why R-values matter and are crucial to the homes we build, and how various insulation products compare in R-values here: https://buildwithhalo.com/why-r-value-is-important-for-foam-board-insulation/

Building Material Choice = BIG IMPACT on Carbon Emissions

Reduce the embodied carbon in your build by choosing a rigid foam board that is quickly becoming the new standard in thermal insulation. The Graphite Polystyrene (GPS) foam core in Halo products has a tiny fraction of the embodied carbon than an XPS peer of similar performance, while still providing top, long-lasting R-values, and is often less expensive than its XPS peers. So, why not embrace a fairly-priced, green product of superior performance? Learn more about how your choice in building materials can reduce the embodied carbon in your build: https://buildwithhalo.com/product-performance-series/insulating-your-home-with-less-embodied-carbon/

Halo® Exterra®: Water-Resistive. No House Wrap Needed.

Halo® Exterra®, a foam board insulation for above-grade exterior insulation applications, is also designed to be a water-resistive barrier (which means that no building paper needs to be used). Learn more at https://buildwithhalo.com/product-performance-series/what-installers-are-saying-about-exterra-as-a-water-resistive-barrier/.

The Indestructible Below-Grade Insulation - Halo® Subterra® Plus

Halo® Subterra® Plus is so tough that it resists breakage (no matter what), which means you can rely on the material to hold up through the entire duration of the project. Incredible under even the most extreme circumstances, Halo Subterra saves installers time and money on the job site. In this video, you will see people stomping, walking, and even driving over the Subterra® Plus material, with zero damage to the integrity of the product! With its advanced graphite polystyrene (GPS) foam core, Subterra® Plus doesn’t retain water when below grade. In a nutshell, GPS is permeable and allows absorbed water to leave faster. Halo® Subterra® Plus also better maintains its long-term R-value and thermal performance. Learn more at https://buildwithhalo.com/product-performance-series/how-to-reduce-costs-on-the-job-site-with-subterra-plus/.