Slash Energy Loss With Halo® Exterra®’s Impressive Thermal Performance!

Perfectly designed for exterior applications, Halo® Exterra® provides a long-lasting r-value, eliminates thermal bridging, and creates a new, additional level of energy savings by adding thermal lag!

Key Performance Benefits


Our proprietary perforation technology makes Exterra breathable (up to a thickness of 2″) and allows vapor to escape, helping to keep the wall healthy and dry.


Exterra is also a water-resistive barrier which makes it truly unique. Exterra keeps water to the exterior without the need for additional house wrap.


Continuous GPS insulation creates a thermal break and eliminates the energy loss from thermal bridging in the wall assembly.


Exterra is also durable, yet flexible, and easily conforms to radius walls without needed time-consuming field cuts.

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Exterra offers a high-performance GPS core that is laminated on both sides with a precision-perforated film.


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