As the Advanced Graphite Insulation System, Halo® knows our installers and homeowners value our high performance, and lower carbon alternatives compared to typical XPS, with our graphite polystyrene (GPS) core and a series of ingenious laminate surfaces, each one of our products is perfectly designed to help insulate your builds.

Ensuring our installers, designers, and homeowners have as many informative resources as possible is just one way we make building with Halo a seamless process, saving you time and money, while ensuring the health of your home.

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Logix Brands knows that video is the best way to visually highlight the technical advantages of building with our Advanced Graphite Insulation System.

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Want more in-depth knowledge of our rigid foam insulation products? Our blog supports our customers through a variety of topics, including the Building Science & Codes of insulation, educational How-To‘s, and our Product Performance Series that covers some of the significant technical advantages of our full line of Halo insulation products.

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Does Halo Subterra Protect Against Carpenter Ants?

3. Install Inspection Strips

Inspection strips allow you to visually inspect the home’s sill plate and rim joist for signs of termites or carpenter ants. This way, you can catch an infestation and call in pest control before excessive damage occurs.

Halo Exterra

5 Simple Ways to Speed Up Foam Board Installation

Installing foam board insulation shouldn’t be a difficult task that slows you and your crew down. Check out these simple, yet highly useful tips for getting through this scope of work faster.

Subterra Installation

Performance of Thermal Insulation on the Exterior of Basement Walls

EPS and EPS-based insulation (such as Halo Subterra) is able to keep water away from a basement’s concrete wall. Of course, this doesn’t mean that other waterproofing methods shouldn’t be in place. But, this finding does mean that EPS insulation can perform both of its design functions — slowing heat transfer and groundwater management — very well.

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Learn about the specific benefits of our Halo rigid insulation foam board through these short informational webcasts. Highlighting the best practices for use, helpful tips and tricks, and the cost benefits of switching to Halo, these 20-30 minute interactive webcasts are the perfect introduction to our Advanced Graphite Insulation System.

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