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The Advanced Graphite Insulation System

Whether you are looking for interior, exterior, or below-grade applications, the Halo product line consistently outperforms traditional foam boards in a variety of different uses.

Halo House 2020 - GPS Insulation Applications

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Halo Exterra

Perfectly Designed For Exterior Applications

Halo Interra

Perfectly Designed For Interior Applications

Halo Subterra

Perfectly Designed For Below-Grade Applications

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Performance of Thermal Insulation on the Exterior of Basement Walls

EPS and EPS-based insulation (such as Halo Subterra) is able to keep water away from a basement’s concrete wall. Of course, this doesn’t mean that other waterproofing methods shouldn’t be in place. But, this finding does mean that EPS insulation can perform both of its design functions — slowing heat transfer and groundwater management — very well.

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